General Contracting and Traditional Construction

In addition to specialized services, LEH also provides general contracting and traditional construction services such as residential buildings and villas.

Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation, and Strengthening

LEH specializes in the concrete repair, structure rehabilitation, and strengthening of weak concrete structure by way of stripping the existing deteriorated concrete, adding new reinforcement steel rebars either by welding to the existing ones, or rebars epoxy anchoring in the concrete, followed by casting new concrete or patching and finishing up with polymer modified cementitious products.

Commercial and Industrial Works

The area of commercial and industrial works is one of LEH's fields of expertise; it includes industrial factories repair, maintenance and the construction of new concrete structures, and construction and finishing works on new commercial factories.

Architectural Preservation and Restoration

LEH excels in architectural preservation and restoration on projects such as sites surrounded by beautiful scenery in the heart of Lebanese nature as well as inside industrial factories.

Value Engineering, Optimization, and Support Design

In addition to contracting works, LEH is an expert in value engineering and cost optimization, and contributes to the design of the projects it executes.

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